A teacher’s view!

I have been a  teacher for 6 years ( sounds like I started yesterday) and have enjoyed every bit of it. Not that I don’t like changes. I was a software engineer for 8 years and then I realized I need to be happy at what I do. Having wanted to be a teacher since I was a child, I decided to pursue my dreams. I did and since it was something that made me immensely happy, I excelled at everything I did. My passion made me work for my students and help them in each and every way, at the same time, making them independent thinkers and confident individuals. Teaching became my life to such an extent that it would be in my dreams. The main thing I felt is that I was happy at the end of the day, really really happy.

I don’t believe that grades define a kid. Every kid is an individual and they have their personal strengths and each kid should be able to work on that strength of theirs. One of my kids who was at a very low level in English (having come from a Spanish speaking family) tested proficient at the end of the year. She comes to me and says, “Ms. Kunnathu, your help made me want to succeed.” A teacher everyday changes lives, creates more lives, touches many lives in ways most teachers don’t even realize. The smile on your kid’s face or a Love You is worth more than any money or accolades you can get.

As a teacher, I am always learning. Today, I can really say that I love what I do and what I can do.


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