Definition of a Teacher..

Dictionary defines teacher as a person who teaches…well, why the definition stops there, we will never understand. Consider a child’s day –  From the time he or she wakes up, they spend maybe two hours with their parents before they have to leave for school, once at school, they spend almost eight hours of their day with their teacher, when they come back from school they have may be 4 hours of time left from their day before they sleep which they again spend with their parents. Therefore, in a 24 hour period, a child spends 6 hours with their parents while eight hours at a continuous stretch with their teacher. We can debate as to who is more influential in their life but the truth remains that a passionate teacher who is in the profession for the right reasons could become the role model and the most influential person in a child’s life.

A child looks at their teacher for protection, looks up at them for guidance, and grows under the comfort of their wings. And that is what makes teaching a very noble profession. A true teacher motivates and allows students to dream and dream whatever they want and makes them believe that the dreams that they see can and will come true. A true teacher is there for them and children know that. A true teacher never gives up on any one of their students, motivates them to learn and makes them believe that no matter how hard the task, they can still find their way through. A person who does not give the solution to a problem but gives direction and guides you to find your own way out of the maze; shows how to think but does not tell you what to think; a person whom you consider as a mentor, a guide, a role model who inspires you and a person who is your guardian when all others don’t seem to come through is the definition of a true teacher.  The quote from Aristotle gives the best reflection of a true teacher –

“Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those ,the art of living well.”

~Rohini Kunnathu


5 thoughts on “Definition of a Teacher..

  1. my sister,i love your blog!!!!!. i miss you and the boys so much,i always felt you are part of my connection to the love of my life Miss Gail,which i carry with me every min of the are always in my prayers and thoughts love mr. tony your brother for life and beyound..

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