Will always remember you…

Ms. GailDedicated to a strong lady who made us all strong………… 

I remember seeing her for the first time at her house. The one thing you will always remember once you have seen her is her smile and energy. Her warm welcome and love made us feel as if we were already a part of her life. She opened her arms to hug my little 3-year-old. That moment, he became hers as well. He became the son she never had. From that day on wards,  we all became a part of her life and family.

On the first day of pre-school when I went to pick Neil up, he started crying because he wanted to stay there and not go home. He loved Ms. Gail and I knew that she was the perfect mentor and motherly figure for him. She loved kids and poured her energy into them. She provided comfort and solace to everyone near her. Her laughter was contagious…we all could just sit there for hours and laugh and forget all our sorrows talking to her. She had a way to make us all feel that nothing matters, just have fun and enjoy. You could see it her eyes, in her voice and in her unforgettable smile.

It was heart breaking to hear when she was diagnosed with cancer but even at that point, her smile never went away. Through all her struggles and treatments, she kept her energy and she embraced it with confidence. She still kept us all laughing. She talked, made fun and became a role model to our kids as well as her own kids. I could not see her during her last moments but I am told she went with a smile. And that is what she would have wanted us all to remember.

We miss her but her strength and energy is what keeps us going through our struggles in life. We love you, Ms. Gail and are thankful that you were in our lives then and forever!


3 thoughts on “Will always remember you…

  1. Your words are so precious and radiant of Gail’s life,she had such a joy for life,she truly live everyday of her life as if it were her last even before her journey with cancer. Children were her ministry, she would tell me that they were her gift from God, the joy she had with her 2 girls and the love to share with others the more kids around her the better she would say. I to remember the first day she meet Neil and you. She love him so much. Yes her son she was bless from God to have. And you to became sisters, she was so happy to see you as if you two haven’t seen each other in months, but we’re just together 8 hours ago. She truely taught me how to live to Injoy life God gave her to me for 31 years. I still feel it was not long enough. I joke with people and say my wife left me for another man that she loved more and his name is God. She lives on in me and countless children,friends,family and world she shared. Thank you. My sister love you and my boys.


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