Create your masterpiece!

When I hear conversations that go around, I hear a lot about how our previous generation lived to grow 80 or 90 years old and life expectancy was higher and how the present and future generations are so affected by the present life style that life expectancy may be less. And that people are not taking care of their health and blah, blah, blah…

And I think to myself, from when did life expectancy start defining us, Were we always this way, – if he or she lives this long, they are awesome!!? What if a person lived only till 30 years but made a lot of difference in other people’s lives, wasn’t it the same as he living till 90 years?? And is it necessary that people are knowingly doing it to themselves. I have seen perfectly healthy people who do every thing right get cancer! I have seen a healthy person who exercises daily get paralyzed. So as a society, are we going to blame them for doing the right thing??

I would say even if you live a short life, if that life was worth, if you were happy and you leave a legacy, then you have lived a 100 years!

I saw this message in a post –

“Everybody will vanish someday but the masterpieces they leave will echo forever!”
So leave a masterpiece of your own and let nothing else define you!

4 thoughts on “Create your masterpiece!

  1. Right message at right time(this generation). Really this should be an Eye-opener for everybody including myself. Live a meaningful life and feel it .


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