An alien in your own country?

When I first moved to USA, I used to smile when I saw the status “Alien”. I imagined myself like ET on a land that did not recognize me or understand me. It was funny in my head. I thought I will feel that way throughout the time  I stayed in there but as years went by, I didn’t feel that way at all. I became a part of the country, people, the culture. And I was surprised how people eased you into feeling at ease with the culture. I learned how to smile at perfect strangers, how to drive, how to follow my passion. I finally did..I got into teaching there..taught for 8 years , the best period in my life. Even the most adverse situation in my life went in knowing I was safe!

After 14 years, I moved back to India. This is my country and I thought I knew a lot about it having been born and brought up here. But as days go by, here is where I feel more like an “Alien”. I have no clue what is happening. I met a couple of administrators from education and they were telling about the state of education. I was surprised as to how anyone who wants to do good has to face so many difficulties in their own country. It doesn’t matter if you are from the same state even ( leave alone the same country), you still have to face a lot of challenges before you can get something done. People don’t seem to have the same compassion or patience. My sis-in-law laid in a busy street for 20 minutes after a car hit her and left her unconscious before a kind lady got her to the hospital.

I am not saying the country is not good..of course there are so many people who are bringing a change…and there are things that you can cherish here too. It might be that my perspective has changed after these 14 years or it may be because the country has changed..or I may have been living in a dream state when I was here…that I feel as if I am an “ALIEN” in my own country!

Have you ever felt that way?


4 thoughts on “An alien in your own country?

  1. I understand your situation very well, but you knew that already, right Rohini. Unfortunately, I don’t have a solution to suggest other than ‘hang in there’. 🙂


  2. Not to worry. You will get used to it. 🙂
    Jokes apart, I see it from another perspective where you take a lot of things for granted when you are in a safe environment. While here, life keep throwing challenges at you. Choice is yours whether you want to burn out or keep your belly fired up all the time.

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