Are you the creator of your own happiness?

What happens if your happiness depends on someone else? I am happy because I did exactly what my parents told me to do and that made them happy and it made me happy too ;I helped my husband or wife out and I am happy because of that; I supported my friend today and I am happy because of that. Does basing your happiness on others really make you happy? Are YOU happy? Is it YOUR happiness or someone else’s happiness that you borrowed?

Compare to this, I am happy because I was able to create my own painting today; I am happy today because I accomplished one of my goals; I am happy because I saw the rainbow today and took time to cherish it.

In our daily life, we forget our little smiles that we could create for ourselves and not because someone needed to bring that smile on our face. We forget that we should be happy for ourselves too and be the composer of our own destiny, be the designer of our life. Does the intensity of the smile differ  because one was created by you and the other one was created by others for you?? Or does it feel the same?

What do you think?Emotes-face-smile-icon


7 thoughts on “Are you the creator of your own happiness?

  1. so very true..i have and grown to understand just how important the simple things in life are.i think these difficult times have helped me to understand better than before how infinitely rich and beautiful life is in every way and that so many things that i went around worrying about are no importance whatsoever… i will take the time to notice the gifts life gives me,and be thankful.

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  2. What a profound thought, Rohini! Clearly having some time for yourself is making you wise and clever. 😉 Yes, we should not base our happiness on others. And we must create happiness for ourselves, the littles ones, the lasting ones!! 🙂


  3. If you bask in your own happiness you will be called selfish. If you bask in others happiness you will be a nerd. I wouldn’t pass this to destiny. See what makes you happy. I would always be happier spending time with my daughter rather than go to a party with friends. Seriously, I don’t care a damn whether my daughter likes me around or not. Now am I selfish or a great parent? You remember a quote that I said “Do whatever you want to do man”

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