Smiling to your death??

We have all had this conversation – Life is too short. We don’t know when we will die. As we hear of people who have suddenly lost their lives, people who died young, people who died of illness, people who just went away; we are forced to retreat our thoughts to “Life is too short” philosophy.

Some days, when I used to come back from a tiring day of teaching, I used to think – If I die today, I will die a happy person! And believe it or not, it used to bring a smile on my face. And I wonder how many of us are able to smile that way and say the same thing. My life has changed and I am not sure today I would say that. They say that life flashes before your eyes just before you die. Don’t know if it is true or not..but if it flashes by, will you be smiling or will you regret that you were not happy at the moment you took your last breath?


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