Would you ever let go of your passion?

The other day I was having a conversation with my brother and he asked me a question – If you are so passionate about it, would you ever let it go? And that question got me. It was a simple question but with a tough answer.

Teaching has always been my passion. I left a job that would pay me 5 times as much so that I could become who I am supposed to be and to say that This is ME! I followed my dreams and since it has been my passion, I really put my heart and soul into it. While working hard and putting in too many hours, I realized those were the happiest moments of my life. Even with health problems, one place I wanted to be was my classroom and my kids there. Everyday, I told myself that I am in this profession for a reason – to make a difference in a child’s life. I wasn’t teaching kids just to be academically strong and work on their “A”s but wanted them to be individuals with strong focus on their goals, confident and with a never give-up attitude. I heard somewhere “No deed is unselfish”. I agree because everything gives you back something. The happiness from my students and when my speech- impaired kid had the confidence to go up on the stage and say a speech looking straight into the eyes of the audience, was my Nobel Prize!

Today, with life’s changes, I am not where I was three months back. Though continuing with teaching, it is not the same since I am not making much of a difference. The system is different here and everyone has time only for academic success. I feel I am losing hold of what I held dearly and what I was doing..and hence was the question from my brother. And that question instantly got me back to track. NO! I never want to let go of my passion because it makes me who I am. Eventually, I will lose myself and others will move away from me too!

I would rather die knowing that I stood for what I truly am than living years of my life thinking what I could be! Thanks , Hari 😉 !


3 thoughts on “Would you ever let go of your passion?

  1. That last line says it all. When you actually figured out what you are passionate about, nothing can stand between you and your passion. Not sickness, circumstances, family, insecurities, another better opportunity, nothing, you just won’t let it go.


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