Do u have a password?

My brother send me this article from Readers Digest in which this guy’s monthly password reminds him of what he needs to do next and how it keeps him focused on his goal. Every time, he had to type his password, he was reminded of what he had to accomplish that month. I started wondering, Don’t we all need a reminder to keep us focused on what we want to do? We could have enlisted every single thing we want to do for our entire life in a notebook, journal or maybe a phone (considering technology) but does it keep us focused? I have had a time in my life where I just wanted to send a mail but ended up procrastinating it for a long time that at last, I forgot. The article also made me think if we should have short term goals that will ultimately culminate in a long term goal. The guy in the article started his monthly password trend using just “forgiving his ex”, “quitting smoking” to finally, his destination of finding that “life is beautiful”.

I am trying to find my own ways to remind myself of my short and long term goals to keep me on track. I want to have it accomplished, not just half done or I still have time to do. Life is short and thus, I need to set my password to my goals. Do you have a password to remind you??


4 thoughts on “Do u have a password?

  1. That’s a brilliant idea, to keep short-term goals as password. Recently I started to jot down the things I want to do, the things that will ake me happy, the things I must do, etc, all as different lists. At least for a day or two I am focussed on the list. Then I will lose sight. Now I am trying to put up the list every other day. And the fact that I love to write, you know the physical act of writing, is motivating me to write down my lists. Yes, the focus will be lost in another two days but I will make lists again. Checking them off is such a turn on, isn’t it? 😉 Making short term goals as the password is absolutely motivating to stay focused and to achieve the result. So what is your password now, Rohini? 😉


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