It would seem that now a days what I am reading is triggering my writing 😉 So today, I read about how a person associates his memories to the place he was happiest rather than where he was born or who his ancestors were.

I started thinking, “Isn’t that true? Its not the place or the people but the moments that create memories. ” Does it matter where you were born if you don’t have any happy memory about the place? Does it matter whom you grew up with , if you can’t associate with them? Does it matter what you celebrated if your only memory of celebration was that it was supposed to be that way?

It is the moments that create memories. You associate more with people and places that created the person you always wanted to be. Compare – The one person who in a very short time made you feel that you are free to be what you are rather than trying to make you like them to people you have spent a lifetime with but cannot understand why; The place that let you fly and introduced you to freedom to the place where you stayed for a long time because you had to.

Which ones create memorable moments for you?

(Of course, it changed my way of looking at memories)


2 thoughts on “Memories!!!

  1. Not exactly on the same note, but I had written about memories too in my last post.. often I find people try to associate with the place they are born or brought with some kind of nostalgia.. which btw almost 90% of people have.. or seem to have. So it is going with the tide kind of a process. I think we all need to put some thought into these random following the crowd kind of ideas.. look inside us and we’ll find we love other things too.. this and that, may be that is more dominant.. 🙂 hopped from Vinitha’s 🙂 good luck on the new blog both of you..

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