Pure Love <3

I have read about true love only in fairy tales. Yesterday, I was reading about this story from a movie – A real life story that made me think about pure love! Love in its purest and truest form!

The story starts in the same way ..a boy and girl from different religions fall in love…they are kept apart by the families. But what caught my attention was that they were apart from each other for 22 years and they kept loving each other and waited for each other the whole time. Their form of communication was letters and a language that they called their own, perhaps language of love. The couple finally decided to go to the US but as fate would have it, the guy gets killed in an accident. She says, if there was a pyre lit on that day for him, I would have jumped into the fire because the pain was so unbearable. She still lives and calls herself as his widow even though they could never get married.

Their friends even called it “MADNESS”. True, how can you not call it madness? Lovers get separated due to various circumstances in their lives…but generally, one of them moves on. It is not wrong..it is just a way of life. But this love story made me believe in the existence of true love in real life. Their love story did not have a “Happily ever after” ending but they proved to the world that love exists and not just exists but exists in its purest form. It may be rare but the hope that they give and the lesson you learn from it is much more valuable.

A tragic ending to their lives but the love they had, is immortal! love_poem_400x400

Like my friend Vinitha said in her blog, Love and have faith in love…!


2 thoughts on “Pure Love <3

  1. very sad as to what happened …

    Love is different for different people , some think that happily everyafter is what love is all .. BUT being apart and still being with the one is also LOVE


    1. I agree, Bikram! I feel fairy tales and movies have always made love as something that has to end happily ever after but life may not be same…And this also shows us that LOVE can go on forever whether near or far, if it is true!


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