Do I know you??

Yesterday, while talking to my very good friend, I realized something very deep about her. I have known her for years and I thought I already knew her well. But what we talked about yesterday was completely baffling to me. I felt as if I hadn’t talked to her for years and I am just getting to know her.

It struck me that we could know a person for years but not actually know them as deeply as we thought. Me and my friend have shared a lot of events, happiness, sadness in our lives. We talk a great deal with each other….but still I didn’t know as much as I thought. In fact,  I think I understood her much better yesterday than I ever have.

How many of us have such people in our lives who we think we know very well but do we understand them?? Do we know what makes them that individual?? We all may have someone in our lives that we share our deepest secrets with, but still do we really know them, not just daily stuff or their behavior..but who they are, what has shaped them in their life?

It lead me to another realization – when you understand the other person, you have a new sense of admiration and a completely different perspective about them than the one you had for years!


3 thoughts on “Do I know you??

  1. You are so right. I came to that realization long time ago. We know people, we call them friends but we don’t know a thing about them…at least not what we should know.
    Even if I’m dating someone and that person tell me things like ” I like you ” I always ask What they like about me?
    As silly as this sound…in a relationship and even a friendship, someone knows me when they know how I take me coffee, how I like my salad, what’s makes me happy the most.
    You can know a person but then u can realize u don’t know the little things about THAT person. Is not about knowing that person past ; is about knowing that person NOW

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