What is a job for you?

As I listen to many conversations here, one thing I realize is that for most people, their job is a means of bringing in money. From the time, I have come here, people have told… you should just take a job here , a job there but I don’t relate to it. Yes, do I have the financial stability right now to course me through a few years? Yes. But my job for me has never been a means to make money. If it was, I wouldn’t have left my 6 figure salary to get into teaching and earn one-sixth of it.

My job is my passion and will remain so. I always knew from my childhood that my need is  to create a difference in at least one person’s or child’s life. And from the time, I was at school, I made sure I volunteered at shelters or orphanages.

Teaching has been my bread and butter, not in terms of income but in terms of satisfying my soul. A child who could not read English ends up writing a beautiful essay, that is life changing for me. I believe there is no selfless deed..and mine is selfish too….this gives me happiness. For different people, it may be different things.

I am not making any judgments..i just want to know if you think of your job or work as something else other than a source of income.

Just curious to know various perspectives 😉




4 thoughts on “What is a job for you?

  1. Job is one which you do for your livelihood. Passion is one for which you would leave everything. In life, when you say “yes” to something, you automatically are saying a “no” to something else. Passion is one for which you always end up saying a “no” to everything else. There are no grey areas here. It is all black and white. Having said this, you need to review is teaching your passion or is it just a job that you love?

    As for me, you know the answer. I am an ordinary person who does his job for the living. Do it for the pay. Wait for the weekend. Always looking at the calendar to see when is the next holiday. Yet to identify or come across anything that I am passionate about.

    Shouldn’t be advising but if you really find passion then just cling on. Don’t leave it for anything else in the world.

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